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A pool table is an awesome addition to any household and if you’re lucky enough to have a man cave big enough, it can REALLY bring a sense of “pub hustle” to your space.

But, how big does your room need to be to fit a pool table?

So we’re going to get into the room size for a pool table and the different size pool tables you can buy to suit your space.

Whether it’s a standard, regulation or midi pool table – fitting a pool table comfortably in the room is the goal!

Awesome article in the making…

Standard Pool Table Sizes

There are certain standard sizes of pool table available readily, allowing you to choose a pool table to suit your needs and your space.

Pool table size types

  • British 6ft Pool Table: A favored choice for clubs, pubs and homes with limited space.
  • British 7ft Pool Table: Tournament ready, full size table with 8 balls ready for league game play.
  • American 7ft Pool Table: The smallest of the American tables is the 7ft.
  • American 8ft Pool Table: A mid sized table which is a popular choice the world over.
  • American 9ft pool table: The big daddy of the pool table world, impressive footprint.

Pool table dimensions in feet and inches

Pool table size chart in feet and inches

Pool table dimensions in cm and metres

Pool table size chart in cm and metres

Standard Pool Cue Sizes

Different pool cue sizes will allow for different levels of comfortable game play within a given space. But how long are standard pool cues?

  • 57 inch (5ft) Pool Cue – Standard Adult Sized Cue
  • 48 Inch (4ft) Pool Cue – Adult, or younger shorter player’s Cue
  • 36 Inch (3ft) Pool Cue – Junior Pool Cue OR used for shots in tight room spaces

Pool tables, room dimensions & requirements

What is the minimum room size for a pool table?

The minimum room needed for a pool table really depends on 2 factors:

  1. how big the pool table is
  2. how much you’re willing to compromise on cue length

More on this coming soon!

How far from a wall should a pool table be?

This is a great way to think about the space needed for a pool table, as regardless of the pool table size – the answer will be the same!

With a 57 inch cue, a 6” edge around the table (distance between the edge and playing surface). At full extension you need around 4’ 6” of space between the edge of the table and the wall.

How tall is a pool table?

You shouldn’t need to worry about room space above the pool table. You may however be thinking about setting up lighting above your pool table and need to know the height of the pool table to figure out how low the lighting needs to hang from the ceiling.

How heavy is a slate bed pool table?

This depends on the size of your pool table, but there are some approximate weights per pool table length.

It’s really important to consider the weight of the pool table when choosing your location. The floor structure needs to be able to support the weight of the pool table comfortably and keep it level!

How heavy is a non slate pool table?

A non slate pool table is considerably lighter than a slate pool table…

What should I look for when buying a pool table?

I’ll list out some things to consider when buying a pool table (briefly) other than just the size and weight of the pool table and whether it’ll fit in your room.


Is a 6 foot pool table worth it?

Yes. 100% pool is pool regardless of table size.

Should You put a rug under a pool table?

Having a rug under your pool table…

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