Man Cave Urinal – Essential or Eccentric?

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When we were collecting our thoughts on the Man Cave Essentials one topic caused more controversy and discussion more than any other…

The Man Cave Urinal

It led to questions like: “Do you have a urinal in your home?”

and, “if not, why not!?”

There was a lot of passion about peeing let’s put it that way.

One thing stood out in the discussion. Urinals are symbolic – they’re for men only, and we only typically interact with them when at the bar.

So the idea that having a urinal in your Man Cave could bring a sense of symbolism about being for men only AND bring a reminder of times at the bar only felt like a positive thing.

Hygiene is of course a top priority here, and we don’t want to ruin the sacred man cave with the smell of urinal cakes and piss – so we all agreed that if this was something we were going to integrate (or recommend installing in you Man Cave) it needs to be done right.

If you’re in the luxurious man cave position of being able to have facilities that are truly yours – attached to your man cave, we believe it’s worth investing the time in making the time you spend relieving yourself part of the man cave experience.

Yes, we’re suggesting creating a Man Cave Urinal and bathroom experience that replicates being at the bar (when it’s at it’s cleanest of course).

Talking about cleaning – we’d also recommend using a Man Cave Cleaning service. This is just a normal cleaning service, but we recommend you be very explicit about the fact that this is your man cave and unnecessary “faffing” with your things is not tolerated – they’re there to clean!

Getting you started on the Urinal ideas, check out this polished keg urinal for your man cave from Amazon:

Of course, that’s probably more a gimmicky route to go down, whereas a more authentic bar feeling might be had with a more “commercial” urinal for your man cave: