Garage Man Cave Ideas, Plans & Design Guide

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We’re busy coming up with the most awesome ideas for your garage. We’re going to spark a passion inside you for your garage man cave that nobody can control. Be prepared to feel the garage man cave passion

Whether it’s garage man cave decor, how to convert your garage into any type of man cave you’d want – we’ve got you covered.

Whether it’s a small garage man cave or a luxurious large garage man cave, we’ll be providing the most awe inspiring garage man cave ideas on earth enabling you to plan and design your very own slice of paradise in this crazy crazy world.

We’ll also guide you on how to pack your garage man cave full of all the rustic man cave goodies you’ll want to keep your dose of self-isolation at the peak of enjoyment!

Garage Man Cave Ideas, Plans & Design Guide

Life a hassle? Is everyday activities weighing you down? Then you need an escape, and one might be closer than you might think. We all have a garage that’s maybe full of boxes or even has cars parked in it.

Well, couldn’t that space be used better for you to have a place to unwind and relax?

You work hard, and you deserve to have a break from it all. Let those cars sit in the driveway where they belong and turn your garage into a man cave garage. It is easier than you expect, and it all starts with an idea.

Just imagine what could be there and dream big. Where do you start? Where does your imagination run off to? Walls full of tools, big screen television, gaming system, safe, lazy boys, all kinds of fantastic things come to mind.

From The Ground Up

First thing is to get rid of those ugly oil stains and set the foundation for what the room will become. So, move all that junk into the attic or maybe have a big garage sale and get rid of it all.

Who needs all that crud in their life anyway, keep your eyes on the prize. Now, you can go with a wood floor, carpet, linoleum, tile, bare clean concrete, epoxy, or any one of dozens of different flooring options. But think about cleanup, and what is going to be easiest to maintain.

Check out this amazing epoxy flooring for example and see how quickly spills and such can be handled with just a quick wipe up or mop up.

Plus, your gaming chair can easily roll around as you hunt down your buddies on the big screen, or bank of monitors. The combinations are endless and your only limit is to how big and bad a** you can dream your garage man cave to be.

A Place to Chill

Your man cave garage is going to be your escape from the world. It will be that place where you put your feet up and relax for a few minutes in between tasks that are enjoyable.

So, when you think of that perfect place to sit down and take a load off for a few, what do you picture in your mind? Are there a couple incredible massaging lazy boy recliners that lift you right up and set you on your feet when you are ready to get back to experimenting with all your cool stuff?

Or maybe you are more the type to roll around on your chair from task to task working around all your man cave garage ideas. In which case, you would want a wide open floor space of a high-quality epoxy floor covering and a chair like this one for example that you can cruise around from place to place inside of your man cave garage and work on different things easily.

The seating you choose really sets the mood of the room and what it is all about.

If your ideal garage man cave is a workroom full of tools and projects, then you can have just that with seating that can easily move from station to station. If, on the other hand, your ideal man cave garage idea is a place to relax and plug into your favorite game for a little while, then you can have it all and make your man cave garage just that.

A Place for Refreshments

Since you will spend so much time there in your man cave garages, it will be necessary to provide yourself with at the very least something to drink. If you plan on hosting guests, then this is absolutely imperative because nothing ruins a gaming session faster than losing a man to a drink run to the kitchen.

So, think big and dream a bit. What do you see? Are you mixing up and serving some drinks from behind an amazing wood-topped bar that stores all your drinks away nicely next to a mini fridge that shows off all the thirst quenching liquids you have cool and ready to drink.

Paired together, these two make the perfect combination for keeping time in your man cave just that, in your garage man cave because no one will have to make the drink run every hour or so. You barely have to set down the game controller or tools to take a break and get something wet on your lips.

A Place to Relieve Oneself

After drinking all those wonderful drinks, you and your guest will be faced with the pressing issue of where to relieve themselves of all that liquid. You can be prepared for everything and have installed a urinal off in a corner tucked away out of sight by tapping into a drainpipe that was already running through one of the garage’s walls.

This is a great way for all the guys to maintain those marathon gaming sessions or extended work projects when you spend hours at a time trying to get something done together. This could be anything from a car, to RC airplane and drone piloting, or anything in between.

A Place to Stay Toasty

Being out in the garage presents a few unique issues to man cave ideas and design elements. You will want to place a heavy emphasis on comfort to make the surroundings seem less harsh and more welcoming. For starters, you will need a way to control the climate inside your garage man cave and keep it at a comfortable level. To do this in the winter, you have a few options to choose from.

You can go with a wood stove that you can burn all the excess wood around your home in and use it to keep warm all winter long. Or, if you want to add a workout routine, then just go ahead and order that chord of firewood to be delivered and then get to chopping away with that axe of yours.

This could get you in great shape and is also a great way to clear the mind. But for some people the old ways of heating up a room are too primitive and cost way too much energy to maintain.

So, they go with more modern heating elements like this infrared heater that uses some incredible modern technology to provide massive amounts of warmth to any space, including that old garage of yours. Heaters like this one will keep the temperature at a comfortable level, no matter how frigid the weather gets outside. You and your friends will love hanging out and spending time in your new man cave in the garage because they can do so without worry of being too cold.

Then, you have the summer heat to deal with just as much. It is a battle year round against nature and to combat scorching temperatures you will need to have a portable air conditioning unit they can run in any room and keep it cool. These are great in warm climates too, and you can move them around the house with you as you migrate from place to place.

You usually just need a window nearby within about 8 feet and you are golden. The cool air will shower you and keep you from being all sweaty or needing a shower every hour to stay clean.

A Place to Feast

Now that our garage man cave ideas list has filled out so nicely, there are only a few key things left to consider for the ultimate garage man cave design.

One of those aspects to think about, now that you have a place to sit, drink, and relieve yourself, all you have to do is feed yourself and you can survive a nuclear apocalypse sitting in your man cave. It can be your escape and your refuge if you simply prepare it to be that way.

For this, you need to think about how you will feed you and your guests while spending time in your garage man cave. To do that, you have a couple of options.

You can go stingy and serve your guests MREs if they get hungry, a move that will assure you have the man cave to yourself, or you can figure out a way to prepare some high grade food options. When it comes to cooking indoors, there are few things that can beat a top-notch indoor barbeque that can cook up anything a regular grill can handle with ease.

These make it possible to feed a bunch of famished men all day long as you game, work on cars, work on projects, or otherwise spend your time hanging out in your newly renovated man cave garage. Another magnificent option for feeding yourself and guests, like on game day, is to have an Instapot to cook with.

These are excellent products that have recently swept the world by storm. They are so easy to cook with that all you need to do is simply toss in the ingredients, turn the thing on to the right setting, set the timer, and walk away for a couple hours while the machine does all the work to produce restaurant-quality meals right at home.

These make them the perfect man cave cookware because you fill it up, turn it on, and go back to doing what you were doing until the timer goes off and you get to devour all that yummy goodness inside the Instapot.

Whatever way you choose to provide some nourishment while out in your ultimate garage man cave for you and anyone else lucky enough to get to hang out in there with you, just make sure you know how to work it and get good with doing so.

So, when the moment comes for you to show off your skills, you can put on a show worthy of the hall of fame. Make meals that would make Gordon Ramsey proud right out of your very own man cave in a garage.

A Place for the Big Game

You now have a decent garage man cave and everyone knows about it. Plus, the day of the big game is coming up and your team is playing. This means everyone is looking to you to set the pace for the game’s festivities.

You need a masterful way for all your guests to view the game in all its glory, and for that you have a couple options. First, you can go the classic route and just invest in one enormous television that is so crystal clear you can make out individual blades of grass on the field. Something like that one would be plenty large enough for any two-car garage man cave. Or you could go with something a bit more original and impressive.

To do that, you simply need one entire wall of your man cave blank white or covered with a screen that is and you use a projector like this one to turn that entire wall into one enormous television screen. You can have life size sports players on the screen battling it out right in front of you and with a screen that big there isn’t a bad seat in the house.

Everyone will have the perfect view of all the action and the mood that something like that sets is one of action and excitement. You can use either option for your everyday uses as well. You can do everything from watching YouTube videos and gaming to watching the nightly news on yours. It changes the dynamic of the garage style man cave so much that it really is a centerpiece of the whole thing that ties everything else together.

A Place to Let Off Steam

Any of the best man cave garage spaces will have another thing in common. You work hard and that work takes dedication, focus, and responsibility. So, every once in a while every man needs a way to unwind and let off a little steam somehow. There are so many ways that this can be done and incorporated into your garage man cave ideas that the list would go on forever.

One great idea for this, since you are out in the garage already, is to have games like a wooden target for throwing axes and knives for you to practice a little bit of a dangerous sport of target practice. Or you can go with the always classic dart board cabinet that comes with everything you need to get a game of cricket going with a buddy or two.

If these are not your thing, then maybe you are more of a technological gaming kind of guy who needs something more like a classic arcade cabinet that can run pretty much any game from any system with just some minor tweaking, but can run all the classic trackball or joystick and button arcade games with ease.

These also add an authentic touch of class to your man cave garage ideas and make the room feel more manly and homey too. Maybe these are still not your cup of tea, and you need something different to let a little steam off after a hard day at the office. We would highly suggest this golf swing simulator for all of those golf enthusiasts who want to be able to work on their game no matter the weather or amount of time they have.

To have one of these in your man cave garage would be an impressive way to show off to your friends. They will all be jealous and will not think your cheating on the links in the next couple months when you knock a couple swings off of your handicap.

No matter what you choose to use to unwind and burn off a little energy, anxiety, pressure, and everything else, you cannot go wrong when it is invested into an activity you love to engage in.

Even if you do not get to do it nearly as often as you would like, having it available to use on the oft times when you actually get a chance to use them is reason enough to add them to your man cave garage now while things are still in the planning and building phases of construction.

A Place To Keep Everything Secure

With all of these amazing goodies getting packed all into one place, you can bet you will attract unwanted attention and that people you do not want around will want to come in and check out your man cave whether or not invited. Therefore you need to secure your room.

To start your security precautions off, you simply need to look at the door locks you are using. If you try those, then you can always have the added bonus of always being able to access your room yourself, even when you do not have your keys on you.

Although, this is just the beginning and the basics of the precautions you should take to secure your garage man cave from outside intruders. You should also be highly encouraged to invest in a decent security camera system. That one is motion activated with multiple cameras that you can set up to cover different doors from different angles and even one watching over the interior of the room.

With a system like this, anytime anyone steps foot anywhere near your new man cave garage they will be recorded on a hard drive just in case they do not act so honestly while they are there. This is especially important with all the high quality goodies you have stocked up in your garage man cave and is a significant addition to any insurance policy.

A Place to Headbang

Every perfect man cave, whether in the garage, its own building, barn, or anywhere else, has one thing in common. That thing is music. They all provide for a way for the person working away inside at whatever task they are doing to do so while humming along with some pleasant tunes.

Nowadays, we are even more spoiled and this has become increasingly easy and more accessible to a wider range of folks. But you do not just want any music. No, you want music that can outplay all your neighbors. Music that drowns out everything else and that you couldn’t hear the wife screaming at you from two feet away.

That way you can just blame the music on you not hearing about needing to run to the store for eggs while you were in the middle of painting that model airplane with authentic aviation paint.

For music like this, you will need one heck of a sound system. With so many out there to choose from, it can be overwhelming to even begin to look at all the different options.

That’s why I narrowed it down to this one that is so crystal clear you will hear the individual bones break during the next big fight on pay-per-view or this one with bass so deep your beer glass will do that cool Jurassic Park thing with the waves.

Just The Beginning

This is just touching on what is possible for man cave garage ideas. What thoughts do you have? What do you envision in your perfect garage man cave design? Check back later for more ideas on ways to kick off your own garage and turn it into the ultimate man cave that you can proudly show off to all your friends and family.