Gaming Man Cave Game Room Ideas

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We’re bringing you the ultimate list of ideas for your over the top – make-your-mates-drool gaming man cave!

We’ll get into the perfect man cave video games, gaming man cave essentials and more to make sure you have the ultimate gamer man cave – because you deserve it!

Gaming Man Cave Game Room Ideas

Just picture it, you have screens wrapping around all your peripheral vision as you hunt down your buddies inside of a virtual world of COD or another FPS that is similar.

You have a complete advantage because you can see things they cannot and pick them up before they ever see you coming. Then you can sneak around, outside of their field of view, until it’s too late for them to stop you and you take them out easily.

This is more of an achievable dream than you may think and setting up your own perfect gaming man cave or that perfect gamer man cave that we all dream about together.

Setting up one of these for yourself is simple, and it just starts one step at a time.

Video Game Headquarters, From the Floor Up

The first thing you need to think about is the perfect flooring and wall paneling for your gaming needs. Maybe you want a hard floor that you can easily roll around on and move from screen to screen fluidly.

Or maybe you want a carpeted floor to absorb some sound and keep the noise level down for everyone outside of your gaming man cave.

It is also possible that your flooring is already in place and you need to use what you have, otherwise, it might depend on what you have for our next section choice. It is probably the second most important decision you can make inside your premium gaming man cave.

A Place To Park It

That all important piece to any gaming man cave is the seating. Seating sets the room off and sets the mood for what that room is about.

A couch says relaxing family room, a bed says bedroom, and a magnificent set of gaming chairs says gaming man cave all the way. For example, a couple of these ultimate gaming chairs sitting in front of a bank of computer monitors or television screens really say “this room is for gaming only”.

That is exactly what you want people to think when they step foot into your man cave game room.

This is one of the best gaming man cave ideas you can have and is the perfect way to build up your ultimate video game man cave. The next thing you have to consider is what you will look at when you stare out from your new set of gaming chairs.

A Place To View Games

Your screen choice says a lot about you and your gaming style. You can go with a single enormous television screen like this one or you can go with a couple top of the line computer monitors placed in a stacked shape of your choosing.

Then, you have the largest screen choice and go with a HD gaming projector that is plenty bright, fast, and sharp enough to accurately game at a high level while using it to cover an entire wall space with your gaming screen.

Each of these choices says a lot about how you game and is just as big of a decision as is what system you are going to center your gaming man cave design around.

That isn’t to say that you only have to choose one. You can even go as far as to use a PC and then add in a PS4 or PS5, if you wanted to. It would just take a bit of extra wiring and knowledge of the settings on everything to be able to quickly switch back and forth between them easily.

A Way To Hear the Roar of the Game

Do you love getting wrapped up in the virtual world as you engage in combat with your friends by your side? Are you the type to crank up the volume to obnoxiously loud levels during your marathon gaming sessions? Well, then you need a gaming man cave that fulfills this desire to epic proportions.

For that, all you need is a really impressive sound system. There are plenty of options out there to choose from, but for the money you cannot beat a phenomenal pair of gaming headphones with a built-in microphone, but you can always go full on “annoy the neighbors” loud with a system such as this one for example.

No matter what you choose, just think ahead about your gaming style and the loudness factor you want. If you game along most often with your friends tied in remotely, then a headset would work just fine for you.

On the other hand, if you host gaming parties all the time and always have friends over to your video game man cave to experience the incredible set up you have, then you may want to go with the JBL option.

A Way To Keep Sound In

When you have a surround sound set up in your man cave game room, then you will need to reduce how much sound escapes and lets others know just how much fun you are having tucked away into your gaming man’s cave. For eliminating this excess noise, there are a few options to choose from.

Well, really many versions of the same concept. Now, to understand this, think about what sound is. It is waves of pressure in the air that flow in every direction and bounce or crash off of everything they contact, including the eardrum. So, to eliminate these waves as they spread out in every direction faster than you can typically see, we have noise eliminating panels.

These panels are usually made of a dense Styrofoam that have angles pointing out in various directions to capture those sound waves and absorb them into the foam. Some magnificent examples of these include these ones and also these ones.

A Secure Place

Now, when you do eventually attract attention, you will want to have your room secured.

That starts with solid door locks, and with these you do not even need to have the key with you to get into your video game man caves.

You also need to see who is knocking at the door from within without interrupting your gaming marathon session. To do this, you can use a solid camera like this indoor Ring system that also has a two-way intercom feature so you can tell whoever is out there to go away or come back in two hours.

A Place for Refreshments

Those lucky few who gain admittance to your ultimate gaming man cave will want to stay for hours and hours.

This presents a unique issue that you may not have considered, and that is how to provide things like some cold drinks for them to wet their lips with. You can have something as simple as a mini fridge like this one, or you can go above and beyond with something like like this incredible Icee machine.

No matter what you choose to do, you have to provide for all your welcomed guests and yourself too.

So, think about what you want for yourself and this will be good enough for everyone else too. If you want to go all out and treat yourself while you game, that will just make your video game man cave design that much more appealing to all your friends and family.

The Masterpiece

To set off the masterpiece of all gaming man caves, you will want to game your way right on through the apocalypse if you so choose to do so. For this, you will want backup power to your gaming set up. You can go all out here, or go budget.

The choice is yours.

For the top of the line option, you have this dual fuel generator that can run off of either gasoline or propane. So, you can run it with whatever fuel you have on hand in the case of a power outage. Just do not run inside your closed room.

You need air flow.

So, run the generator outside the house and run an extension cord to a power strip and then plug all your gaming gear into the surge protected power strip. This will ensure all your equipment will run safely.

For a more budget friendly option for backup power supply to your video games man cave, check out this gasoline only generator that can run your basic system and television or projector, but that is about all it can handle.

Even that will be a heavy load on this system, and if it is a long run into your video gaming man cave with more than one extension cord, then you may have issues holding the power load for long periods. It is adequate to handle the problem, with just a few precautions you will game through any scenario.

Continued Later

These things just begin to help your video game man cave to take shape and form into something you can be proud to show off or just enjoy on your own equally well. Your perfect gaming man cave is whatever you dream it to be, and the higher you set the bar, the better it will turn out.

Even if you go one small piece at a time as you can afford it, then eventually it will all come together into a piece of genius design that you and all your friends or family will love spending time in.

Good thing you got that security system, because you will have to bring people in in shifts with all the attention your man cave games center will be getting.