Cookie cutter houses – the good the bad the ugly

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Cookie cutter houses or Tract housing, meaning every damn suburban home looks like an exact replica of it’s next door neighbour is a statement about how society has grown up.

It’s about a mentality of efficiency, growth in wealth and a speed at which supply needs to run to keep up with demand.

Now what the actual F does Cookie Cutting Housing have to do with man caves?

Well. You may well find yourself in a situation right now where you’re living in a tract house or cookie cutter house.

DON’T let this limit your creativity when it comes to your man cave – but use this to your advantage!

First – not letting Cookie Cutter Housing limit your thinking

Your cave should represent you. If copying some other guys version of heaven is your bag, then hey – each to their own.

If taking inspiration from multiple man cave stormers out there is your bag then I’m on board – big style.

If you live in a Cookie Cutter housing development reach out to some guys in your local area to see how they’ve nailed their man cave. Take some inspo and come up with YOUR ideas.

Don’t just go ahead and copy – it’s a cookie cutter house, it doesn’t need to be a cookie cutter man cave!

Secondly – Taking advantage of Cookie Cutter housing

Because all of the houses in the suburban cookie cutter housing development are built to exacting copy standards – there could be some “bespoke built” shit out there that you could get your hands on and fit right into your cave.

I’m talking built in shelving, sound proof linings, flooring.

These things will have been cut to size – but your cookie cutter house has EXACTLY the same dimensions. So this shit was built FOR you.

Keep an eye on local house moves and check out if the house listing is up online, check out the photos and scan for any interesting garage / upstairs man cave room built in equipment that the seller isn’t taking with them.

It’s likely if it’s not going with the seller – the buyer might well be ripping it out when they get into their suburban cookie cutter house!

That’s it – just some sources of inspo kicked off by driving through the neighbourhood looking at the cookie cutter housing / tract houses all around us!

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