Arcade Racing Games for your Man Cave

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Arcade Racing Games have something that your typical Playstation or Xbox simply CANNOT replicate.

There’s something about the full driving experience that goes beyond “simulating the real thing” to stimulating something altogether more important.

The side by side enjoyment of racing bumper to bumper with a childhood buddy on that driving game that makes up the lack of graphical sophistication with the bucket loads of character.

Having a Driving Arcade Racing Game at home, and more importantly a driving arcade machine in your Man Cave could provide the level of gaming experience you’re looking for.

You might not be after the full Gaming Man Cave experience but a statement piece like an arcade racing game machine in your Man Cave could be exactly the level of gaming you’re looking for.

Personally, I’m into the side-by-side 2 player option and sharing the man cave experience with my fellow man. This brings back the excitement, enjoyment and downright juvenile memories from my youth – but allows me to enjoy them as a man. Nothing to be ashamed of there.

Modern graphics may have surpassed these arcade driving machines, but it was never about the graphics anyway!

So in this article we’re going to run through the list of racing arcade machines you can get your hands on for your man cave…

We’ll also get into how much do arcade games cost in reality!

Watch this space!

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